My Family

I come from a big family. I have five brothers and I have no sisters. My oldest brother is currently in University in Washington State. It is his last year with a Mechanical Engineering Major. My second oldest brother is in his second year of University in Nebraska. He is studying Logistics. My third oldest brother is in YISS and he is in 11th grade. Then comes me. I am the middle child. My first younger brother is in YISS and he is in 5th grade. Last but not least, my youngest brother is four years old.

Countries I've visted

I am not a traveler. I did not visit a lot of countries. In fact I only visited seven countries. I am from Oman. I visited UAE twice in two summers. I have visited Qatar before going to South Korea. I spent most of my school career in a school named Yongsan International School. In the winter break of fifth grade my family and I visited Malaysia. The Spring break of 7th grade my family and I visited China. In Chuseok break, a Korean holiday, my family and I visited Japan.

Food I like to eat

I love food. I eat so much. I have favorites. My best sandwhich is a Turkish dish called Kebab. I am the type of person who likes fastfood. I like burgers. There are many other foods that I like.

Sports I like to play

I like sports. The best sport I love to play is soccer. Soccer is one of my sport hobbies. Another sport I like to play is pickelball. Pickelball is a tennis-like sport. The raket is like a ping pong racket, but it is a little bit bigger. I also like to play ping pong. I also like to play Basketball. I am not very good at the sport but it is still a good sport.

Favorite School Subject

Everybody in school has a favorite subject. I like all subjects, but there is one subject that is my favorite. US History is an easy subject but it is not my best. My best school subject is Science. What I've learned this year in Science was interesting. A unit that I liked was Genetics. I would want to learn more about it in detail in the future. Our current unit is the Human Body System. This unit is interesting, because you get to learn how our body functions and about the bones and what they do.

Games I like to play

I play videogames through the console Xbox. I like to play Fifa. Fifa is a sport of playing soccer. You can compete with other players worldwide or you can play with the computer. Anoher option on the game is to play multiplayer with another person next to you. Another game I like to play is Call of Duty Black Ops (COD). This action game allows you to play multiplayer with other players worldwide. Also, you play campaign missions and play multiplayer games with a player next to you.